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  • What do we do as a holiday homes company?
    As a holiday homes company, we specialize in the management of the holiday home for short term rental. Our services include furnishing, property listing, marketing, guest screening, reservation management, maintenance, and financial reporting. We aim to maximize property owners' returns and provide guests with exceptional stays.
  • What is a short term rental?
    Short term rentals start as short as 1 nights up to 3 months with a probability of extension.
  • What types of properties do we accept for short-term rental in Dubai?
    We accept a variety of properties for short-term rental in Dubai, including apartments, villas, penthouses and townhouses. Our goal is to offer a diverse range of high-quality options to meet the preferences and needs of different guests visiting Dubai.
  • How much revenue can my property make as a Holiday Home?
    The returns on your property depend on various factors, including the location, furnishing, and the view from the property. To get an accurate estimate, please get in touch with us.
  • When do I get paid?
    Payments are processed by the first week of each calendar month.
  • What services do we provide?
    Interior Design Consultation Registration with DTCM Insurance Assistance Registration with building management Organizing housekeeping Photography Creating and posting listings on booking platforms Marketing Dynamic Pricing Strategy Guest Vetting and communication Restock Amenities Organizing maintenance Property Upgrades and Renovation Payment of DTCM fees and taxes Preparing monthly and yearly reports
  • What is the Dubai Tourism Commerce and Marketing (DTCM) and how does it relate to short-term rentals? Is it legal to rent the apartment for short term basis?
    DTCM is the government authority is responsible for overseeing tourism-related activities in Dubai, including short-term rentals and they establish and enforcing guidelines that property management companies must adhere to when renting out the properties on a short-term basis.
  • Do I need to provide any furnishings or amenities for my property, or can you assist in furnishing it?
    Property owners are responsible for providing basic furnishings and amenities. However, we can offer assistance in furnishing your property or interior design services. We'll work with you to ensure your property meets our standards for short-term rentals and appeals to a wide range of guests.
  • What is our Management Fee?
    Our management fee is 16%.
  • Is professional photography provided for my property ?
    We offer professional photography services for an additional cost to showcase your property and list it on different platforms.
  • Do I need to provide insurance for my holiday home property?
    According to DTCM (Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) having a property insurance is mandatory to carry out any holiday homes activities and also to ensure that your property is insured incase of an natural disasters such as fire, flood etc.
  • How do you handle the cleaning and maintenance of my property between guest stays?
    We coordinate cleaning and maintenance and We take care of all necessary work costing less than 500 AED. For repairs exceeding 500 AED, we notify the owner for approval, except in emergency situations where immediate action is required.
  • Which platforms do you list my property on?
    We use the following booking platforms for our listings: Airbnb (and partner websites) Bayut Google Property finder Agoda
  • What amenities should my property have to attract guests?
    Properties with well-equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, parking, and comfortable furnishings tend to attract more guests. Highlight unique features to make your listing stand out.
  • What are the required documents to start renting the apartment as short term rental?
    Title deed Recent Green Dewa Bill ( under the owner’s name) Signed Passport copy of the owner Signed Property Management letter
  • Who coordinates with the building management ?
    Our dedicated team is responsible for handling the coordination and management of building management companies. All information shared with the security before the guest arrival
  • What marketing strategies do you employ to maximize the visibility of my property?
    We utilize various online marketing channels, including listing optimization, social media promotion, advertising and partnerships, to ensure your property reaches a wide audience and stays competitive in the market.
  • Can I view the performance of my property through an online dashboard or report?
    Yes, we provide owners an access to the owners portal to an online dashboard for viewing the occupancy of the listing.
  • How are utility bills and other property expenses handled?
    Property owners are typically responsible for utility bills and other property expenses. Additionally we provide bill payments services if required for an additional fee
  • Who pay taxes and tourism dirham charges for short-term rentals in Dubai?
    The property management company collects these taxes and tourism dirham charges from guests during the booking process and handles the payment directly to the government.
  • What happens if a guest damages the property or causes disturbances in the neighborhood?
    A deposit is collected from the guest before their stay and Clear house rules are set, and incase of any damages or disturbances appropriate actions, including warnings or eviction, are taken in case of violations and inspection of the apartment will be conducted and deductions from the security deposit.
  • Can I stay in my property?
    Yes, you can use your property for personal stays, the maximum stay should not exceed 30 calendar days in a year.
  • Can I terminate my contract after signing the agreement?
    After the expiry of the minimum contract period of 9 months, this Agreement can be terminated by either party, by giving at least 90 days calendar notice.
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